Meet the Team – January 2017

Every quarter we will be catching up with one of the team at Fitzpro to find out what makes them tick and why they work in the ever changing world of AV and technology.  This month is the turn of Fitzpro’s Managing Director Rich Denham. 


Name: Rich Denham 

Position: Managing Director

Time in Role: 4 years


Q1.  How and why did you pursue a career in the Audio Visual Industry?

I began as an apprentice TV engineer in a family run business which gave a firm grounding in customer service, including listening to and understanding their needs.  I went on to work for several national companies as a TV, Video and then AV engineer, before spending several very interesting years travelling the UK and world as a sound engineer for a professional band.  I then formed an AV installation company working nationally for 10 years which eventually became Fitzpro in 2012.

Q2.  What qualities do you feel you bring to the team?

Technical expertise from my engineering background, a thorough understanding of systems and user needs; plus, my time working in the entertainment industry has taught me much about working calmly under pressure and the sometimes elusive skills of delegation and leadership.

Q3.  Out of all the projects you have completed, which is your favourite and why?

No1 Kingsway, Holborn in the West End of London was the head office for a major international client of ours and I led our team to deliver a £600k project with many new technologies and innovations, on time and in budget.  The combination of distribution of AV over structured cabling, comms rooms, meeting room AV systems, Video Conferencing (VC), intuitive touch screen control and room booking was a great success.  Energy efficient integration with the buildings’ systems such a lighting, heating and blinds combined with simple-to-use VC ensured high adoption rates within the business and real monetary savings in terms of energy and time.

Q4.  The Audio Visual world can be a challenging place, what is the toughest challenge you have come up against?

There are many daily challenges in our industry, particularly in project delivery, and in my view, it is how these challenges are met that differentiates one business from another.  The toughest challenge that we’ve come up against in recent times is integrating the many innovative and exciting AV solutions over the IT network, which can be particularly difficult to implement.  Fitzpro have an extensive knowledge of IT networks and find that we are always able to meet these demanding challenges and deliver solutions as promised.

Q5.  What is your proudest career moment to date and why?

A leading high street bank’s new HQ in the heart of the city demanded the AV systems to be integrated with a room booking system for 40 rooms, with an existing cloud-based system that had never been done before.  The challenge was met with bespoke software and a truly dedicated team to deliver a system that was then further extended due to its successful roll out.  We continued to deliver further new and innovative solutions to the client following the initial build, after developing a great on-going relationship.

Q6.  What is the best reaction you have ever had from a client?

The CEO of an international business singled us out during the opening ceremony of their plush new offices in London and in front of their entire business to personally thank me and the team for our dedication on a project we had been working on.

Q7.  Which emerging technologies most intrigue you right now?

Collaborative working is an exciting growth area in our industry, and we have fully adopted all aspects of this technology and have been at the forefront in rolling out solutions to many businesses and establishments.

Q8.  Who most inspires you?

I think an engineer such as Isambard Kingdom Brunel, who was so innovative in his designs and solutions, and who has left a legacy of infrastructure, buildings and structures that are still in use today, is very inspiring.

Q9.  You can invite one person dead or alive (not including family and friends) out for a drink, who is it?

James Hunt, the Formula 1 world Champion racing driver from the 70’s would be a great person to spend an evening with.

Q10.  Where do you see Fitzpro in the next five years?

As a major player in the AV industry, with creative and innovative ideas, ahead of the curve with technology and an unerring eye for detail and quality.

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