Should I Invest in a Video Conferencing Solution?

With many employees now working in different locations, how are you ensuring that your team are working effectively together?

Are your team meetings all over the phone or non-existent because you cannot get everyone in the same place at the same time?

With Video Conferencing now shifting towards the Cloud, it has never been easier or more cost effective to connect with anyone, anywhere at any time using almost any device.

Using a Cloud Video Platform your team can have effective face-to-face meetings from their location, using their device at a time that suits you and them.

Video Conferencing no longer needs to be an expensive, complicated investment and can be easily implemented into any business, no matter the size.

So… what key features make a great Cloud Video Platform?

  1. Simplicity – It must be easy for everyone to use and connect from an array of devices.
  2. Scalable – It must have the ability to integrate with your existing workspace applications.
  3. High Definition – It must provide an HD quality experience.
  4. Screen Sharing – It must have the ability to allow you to share what is on your screen with others in the meeting.
  5. Interoperability – you need to be able to communicate with others using different Video Conferencing Platforms.

In addition to these key features, wouldn’t it be great if you could impress others with your own branded video web portal?  Wouldn’t it also be great if you have the choice to either pay for the service monthly or simply pay only for what you use?

meld VC is a Cloud Hosted Video Conferencing Platform that will allow you to do all of the above and more!

If you think a Cloud Hosted Video Conferencing Platform would benefit your business get in touch for more information and claim your 30 day FREE trial.


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