Cloud Services

Take advantage of Cloud services as an alternative to costly on-premise solutions

Many companies have previously invested in expensive onsite solutions for their communication needs. These systems require costly maintenance plans and upkeep on the hardware. This resulted in clients paying more for services that wear out over time. With cloud, it’s different and it’s flexible. Only take what you need there and then. If you need more, simply expand the service.

Cloud provides scale so businesses can now take advantage of this flexibility when planning a strategy. Services can be delivered via full cloud hosted solutions or if required, a mix of cloud and private to enable true flexibility with a hybrid solution.

Video is simple. Why should it be so complex to deploy within your business

For years the industry made it hard to communicate by video. Purchasing it was hard and required upfront investment from CapEx budgets. However, the way we purchase video has changed in recent years with the ability to Pay-As-You-Go, you can consume as much or as little as your business needs. Flexibility in this area gives businesses the chance to try services that for years were out of reach.

Organisations can now connect Partners, HR, PR, learning and development teams and customers anywhere, any time. This makes video a powerful tool for any business, big or small.

Cloud services have revolutionised communication across citys, countries and continents

Gone is the need for bespoke rooms with high cost hardware that only gets used once in while. With the Cloud, video can happen then and there, from the device you have in front of you. It provides the ultimate in flexibility.

Adopt the cloud approach and see the benefits today. Efficient, productive, collaborative solutions that save time, reduce cost and can scale to an organisations needs.

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