Managed Services

Discover a better way to manage your Audio, Video and Communications platforms

Managing AV and Communication systems can be tricky, but with remote support services we are able to help you with the back up that systems need.  These services can dramatically improve system up time. Our service packages can be customised to suit your requirements and can include 10/5 monitoring of hardware and software solutions.

Our support specialists use a set of bespoke tools to monitor and manage your systems which enable fast reactions to any issues.

Self managed Video platforms that are simple to use

Having the ability to get to the bottom of a  problem quickly is always key. The meld video platform has been designed with this in mind allowing real time access to critical data in call quality, usage and more. IT managers can simply manage and control usage, issues and set up of video rooms and software from one location.

Create new user account, cloud rooms and even manage pin numbers and room access at the touch of a button. We have even built in a traffic light warning system so if a user has an issue you will know before they even call for support.

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