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Powerful tools for the modern business to empower people

We understand that in this fast paced world, businesses need solutions that help enable teamwork, collaboration and communication across multiple areas. That’s why we provide a myriad of solutions no matter what the scale of the requirement. We provide Audio and Video solutions for people ranging from mobile applications, meeting spaces, right up to boardrooms and multi site communications.

No matter if it’s a lecture theatre needing multiple projectors and a full large scale audio system or a small meeting room with a need for just a display, you can be sure that we have the right solution for the requirement.

Turnkey solutions built around your needs

From Video on demand to control of a buildings’ Audio and Video systems, the possibilities are endless.

Need to make a presentation to one display in a meeting room? No problem.

Need to send that same content to 50 screens around the building, multiple buildings or even around the world? No problem.

AV systems in today’s world can be managed, driven and designed around the needs of the business making the experience as seamless as possible for the user.

How to make simple solutions from complicated needs

Business is complicated. You want to get on with important tasks and the last thing you need is complication from the technology which is supposed to be helping you. This is why at Fitzpro, we work on the complicated stuff and endeavour to make every solution as user friendly as possible. If we can use something you already use and understand, that’s great. If something a little more specialised is needed, we do our very best to make it as simple as possible to use.

Our goal is to make the technology as transparent as possible, you just get on with what’s important to you and let us deal with the components which allow you to do so.


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