Collaboration Tools

A world without wires enables truly flexible environment for work

Within today’s fast moving office environment it’s key to be able to get into the meeting or stop in a huddle space and just start presenting your findings or the next big thing without issue. With wireless presentation you can do just that. Present from any device to the room display with full HD images and audio. Not only that, but you can annotate over work, share documents with meeting attendees or even show multiple laptops or mobile devices on one display at the same time.

Open up huddle and meeting spaces with ease.

Powerful interactive tools that can change the way teams work together

Raise the bar in team work with interactive collaborative work space technologies. Allow your teams to make meetings truly productive and interactive.  Annotate over documents together, share videos, make digital meeting notes, work on shared documents together and even bring remote colleagues into the session from worldwide locations.

These tools make it easy to share content, capture ideas and engage in a visually connective way.


Sometimes the simple things provide the perfect solution

Sometimes the best ideas come from the simplest start. This is why we understand that sometimes the simple technologies can hit the spot. SMART KAPP is a brand new take on the whiteboard, allowing a bridge to be formed between the classic whiteboard and the interactive world. It works like a simple dry whiteboard but allows you to see and even interact with the content on the board via your mobile or tablet device. Be in a remote location and watch what’s happening in the meeting room, add to the notes others have created and even play them back in real time later on that day. Share them with anyone, anytime.

There is really no need to to take photos of post-it notes to capture the meeting notes ever again….

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