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Going to work no longer means going to the office

In today’s world, businesses are gaining advantages from the use of cloud video solutions such as greater efficiency, cost reduction and productivity. Teams are able to meet whenever they need across time zones and locations, driving communication and teamwork forward.

Cloud video collaboration does away with the need to buy into expensive hardware solutions. It’s truly scalable across any business and enables video meetings from any device or platform. Work from anywhere and make the most of  a flexible, immersive communication platform.

Connect anyone with any device. Instantly

Banish the need for multiple technologies in your business.  meld allows for the use of devices people already have, are familiar with and are already invested in.  Connect anyone, any time, using any device.

A meld cloud room allows unlimited attendees to join a video meeting from any standards based video system, mobile, tablet or even web browser. Attendees can even join from Skype for business, Webex or Jabber. Don’t have any of these then audio calls are also possible.

Start meetings at the click of a button

Video collaboration has never been easier to start,  meetings can be set up and scheduled in minutes.  Once everyone’s in the meeting  they can take advantage of  HD Video & audio, document sharing, Chat room, even  record the meeting and watch it back later.

  • Connect unlimited video and audio participants
  • Schedule using Microsoft Outlook add-on
  • Schedule a video meeting directly in the Outlook calendar
  • Access to a feature rich platform for meetings and training

Manage and monitor your branded video portal

With meld we can give you the ability to have your very own branded video platform. Give clients, partners and even your own team the full branded experience.

Create a powerful tool to make you stand out from the rest, with each element of the system designed under your brand requirements. Along with this we provide you with the ability to manage and monitor your business usage, recordings and everything in between.  A video platform created with you and your brand in mind.

Seeing is believing – Try meld free for 30 days…!

If you want to try out this service you can, its free to sign up for the first 30 days.  Feel free to use the service as much as you like, invite anyone you know to meet you in one of our meeting gateways.

Sign up at and find out why video calling can help you save money and meet with people anywhere and on any device.


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