Digital Signage and IPTV

Create compelling critical content and deliver it to any device with Digital Signage

Everywhere you look now, there’s Digital Signage. These systems can be found anywhere and everywhere in today’s media driven world. In businesses, retail environments and even car showrooms, digital signage can deliver stunning eye-catching media and content to inform and connect with any audience effectively. Information can be updated, created and managed via remote logins and enables any message to get where it’s needed.

Create customised and interactive IPTV (Internet Protocol Television) experiences

Gone are the days of TV distribution via coax cable – the ability to distribute TV via IP has never been easier.  You’ll find them in the bank, on buses and trains, in the office and around museums. Clients use this very system to ease the burden of bespoke cabling and the issue of sending media across multiple sites. Reach multiple locations and as many users as you need.

Organisations and businesses can get the message across departments to keep staff up to date with news, on targets or updated with events.

Stream, record and playback any video content from TV to desktop displays

It’s never been so simple to get the right content to the right people at the right time. IPTV allows you to stream live or recorded content to anyone, anywhere, at anytime. Organisations have the power to distribute video media over their own IP network for viewing on TV, AV display equipment, PCs and even mobile devices. Our IPTV platforms deliver an incredible viewing experience with a superior picture and sound quality.

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