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meld video updates its video portal with new features and info.

meld video have launched an updated website with a host of new features and information to help you get started with video meetings. meld, a cloud hosted video meeting platform, has been supporting people meeting via video since 2015 and have now decided to expand the platforms ability to bring people closer.

"The newly updated portal allows visitors to better understand how meld can help with their business needs. Within a few clicks, find out about use cases that give you real insight on how meld can help you. "We have built a family of use cases so you can find out how and more importantly why, meld will help your business communications strategy" say Chris Dinsdale - Fitzpro's Sales Director

The meld platform breaks from the tradition of having to invest in just one platform for your collaboration needs. You can connect from any device you have, be it a video codec, desktop PC, laptop or personal device. Almost all video platforms are compatible too, so if you have a Skype for Business account you can connect to your clients who might be on Webex or who just have a basic laptop with no software at all. It's easy to use, simple to deploy and connects everyone to anything.

Also as part of the developments, has an updated knowledge base for user support. This knowledge base has a host of information, which includes written and video based "how to" guides, making user adoption simple, easy and hassle free.

To find out more about how meld can give you and your business a competitive collaboration advantage, get in contact with a member of the team by contacting us via or sign up for a free trial at www.meld,vc

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