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No matter your audio or visual requirement, we have it covered. Our dedicated team can help design and implement the perfect solution for your needs. 

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Creating an environment with quality sound reproduction is no accident, it is a science. Speaker placement is vital and as important as the speaker or microphone selection. We use only professional audio products across all of our designs. From small meeting spaces to lecture theatres and open spaces.



Make business decisions faster and be closer to your customers with video.  HD video meetings are now possible  whatever the budget; connect a team on laptops directly to meeting rooms, boardrooms and even auditoriums. Everyone, including you, can now benefit from this empowering technology.

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Sometimes the best way to get a message to someone is with a simple sign, digital signage takes this to a new level; update your messages whenever you like, no matter the location, at the click of a button.  With simple to use software you can update, timeline and send multiple messages with ease from anywhere across your business or campus.



We provide a wide range of commercial large format displays in sizes from 32" - 105".  With image quality at an all-time high, you can be sure of perfect reproduction of your content.  Displays are available for any application; in the meeting room for presentations, hotel room TV systems and digital posters in retail environments. We can be sure there is a display that will fit your requirement.


Video walls are perfect for many environments. By harnessing multiple displays and using video processing software, we are able to create stunning canvases. These will display impressive content in any reception area, lecture room or any other open space.  Video walls are also at home in immersive training environments, providing amazing detail.

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It's not hard to see why projection is so useful. Creating giant video displays is a simple and effective way of getting a message across.  The ability to add these technologies to a space has never been so easy.  Maintenance worries are no longer an issue with LED and laser solutions.  At Fitzpro we are able to help with designs of these solutions from basic presentation displays, high gain outdoor projection right through to projection caves and rear projection solutions.

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