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Make the space you have work harder for you. Manage your space, saving time, money and energy. By using our Smart Building technologies, we can help you make your business more efficient.

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How do you know where to meet?Connect to room scheduling from anywhere; spaces can be booked directly via a live availability portal on your personal device, laptop or via a room touch panel.  Book spaces and see availability right away, allowing people and teams to work and meet quickly and efficiently across your business. Connect directly to Microsoft, Office 365, and G Suite to link to your calendars and management systems.

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Create a fully flexible workplace with the ability to book any space. Booking desks, informal areas or huddle spaces can be easy to manage via our interactive booking platforms. People within your business can then work in a flexible manner, allowing creativity between teams to flow with ease. Give facilities management teams the power to really save space and money with fully flexible meeting and working spaces.

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Making your office more productive is something we strive to help with. We connect multiple facilities such as lighting, heating and space management platforms together and can watch the flow of people in and out of these spaces. Put simply; we can monitor any area of the building and make sure it is efficient in it's use of heat, light and any other building service. The benefits of this are obvious, with easy savings to be had across your business space.

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