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We make working together easy, with simple and connected meeting spaces.

Each section below provides a solution for a space you might have or a problem you need to solve.  Simply take a look and let us know what might work for you...

Meeting Spaces: News
MIcrosoft Surface Hub Devon


Turn your meeting room into a fully interactive space. Users are able to utilise a whiteboard; draw and annotate across the interactive touch screen and share this to the room and users connected via video or later by email.  These rooms also have laptop presentation via wired or wireless connections with audio calling and video collaboration as options.

Meeting room conferencing devon


With large spaces, collaboration is the key, via a large displays which have the ability to share content from anywhere within the space.  We offer a host of options including HD video conferencing, professional microphones ensuring every voice can be heard, pan, tilt and zoom cameras and easy-to-use conferencing control panels.  Systems can control lighting, sound, presentations and calling features, making these spaces easy to use and set up.

Microsoft Surface Hub supplier South West


Touch, write, share and meet with people across the globe with the true collaboration experience. Bring teams closer and make decisions faster. Large meeting spaces with touch screen abilities make for great spaces to work on ideas together and share them with your team.  With all the features of a standard boardroom such as video conferencing and presentation control, use is easy and provides a true collaboration experience.

Huddle space meetings


Huddle spaces can be anywhere in a building.  It's all about getting together quickly and sharing critical information with your team.   We offer everything you need for these spaces, including all the presentation devices and even the tables and seating.

huddle space video conference



Huddle rooms take the "quick meeting" to the next level; with connectivity enabling you to meet with others via simple video or audio conferencing, presentation linked from your laptop or an in-room PC, ensure you are going to get the right solution for your smallest of meeting spaces.

meeting room technology


A meeting space for 4-8 people, these spaces have a host of options and are designed to deliver the best possible experience. Integrated HD video conferencing; presentations via wireless or wired connections and HD sound bars for great sound reproduction.  And of course, simple-to-use controls via a tabletop control panel.

Meeting Spaces: News
Smart training room Devon


Flexible training spaces allow you to make sure your team are up to speed with procedures and their training needs quickly and easily. Remote participants can join training sessions to save time and travel costs. Users can be sent presentations and live video stream to learn as and when required. Training spaces allow your business to be up to speed faster, make your team aware quicker and ease the headache of distance learning.

Projection presentation solutions


Organisations around the world are increasing their productivity and transforming the way they collaborate. Town hall systems allow any space to be turned into a meeting and presentation space, bringing teams and businesses together with ease. These spaces even allow you to collaborate across the building to other rooms, spaces and teams and even connect to external participants via video and audio. 

lecture space installation


Large scale presentation environments encompass lectures and presentations. We have super bright HD video canvases, with projection or LED video walls, large audio systems for program audio playback and even cinema surround sound for your space. Advanced microphone solutions and simple to manage controls make operation of the technology simple for you.

Meeting Spaces: News
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